Filling a Bean Bag

Beanz Bean Bags are easy to fill if done correctly - check out the instructions below.

  1. Remove your Beanz bag from box and make sure you have liner and outer bean bag cover. We sell the bags unfilled so you will need to have purchased your bean filler (the little white polystyrene balls) in order to fill your bean bag. Take your liner and your bean filler to a dry bathtub and we recommend you grab a friend too - it really is a two person job
  2. Put plug in bathtub. One person needs to be the liner holder while the other is responsible for pouring the bean filler in to the liner. Open the liner zipper and hold sides apart so the 'pourer' has a good sized hole to pour into. Make a funnel with top of bean filler plastic bag - do this by rolling one side of the bag down until you have a funnel shape. It really is better to pour the beans in, rather than try and put the whole neck of the filler bag in the liner (when you pull it out you get beans all over the place). So pour bean filler in to the liner and be patient - you may need to stop pouring once in a while to let the person holding the liner shake down the beans.
  3. Once the liner is filled to desired level (recommended filling volumes are on the box) zip up the liner and remove clip pins. Put filled liner aside while you clean up any bean filler spillage (hopefully you didn't have any though). Pick up any little white balls that escaped and put in rubbish bin - the tiny white balls are an extreme choking hazard to children and pets so you do not want any left lying around.
  4. Now take the outer bag and open zip fully. Put your filled liner into bean bag cover - zip up and remove disposable clip pins from your outer bag.
  5. You may need to give your bean bag a bit of a jiggle to get beans in the right place (especially for Mini Bean as you need to 'jiggle' bean filler in to the arm rest areas). Now you are ready to relax in your Beanz Bean Bag - enjoy
  6. Please note both the liner and the outer bag have clip pins on the zips. These should be removed once filled so that young children cannot gain access to bean filler by undoing zips. If you do need to get in to the bag again to remove liner though you will need to find a paper clip so that you can pull open the zip.

NOTE: the filler (the wee white balls) are really light and blow everywhere if there is the slightest breeze - so close windows when filling. If you don't have a bathtub just use a room with plenty of floor space so you can see if there is any spillage and pick up straight away.

Product Safety and Care


All our bean bags have an outer cover and inner liner with safety zips in order to protect young children. Please follow filling instructions given on retail pack as small lightweight beads used as filler present severe danger to children if swallowed or inhaled.

Always take care when filling and pick up any beads that spill out. Remember to remove clip pins once filled to prevent young children getting into the bean bags.


Take off the cover from the inner liner. Spot clean your cover with mild detergent and cloth using cold/lukewarm water. Put it out in the sun to dry off. Put liner back in when dry.

If the bag is getting really grubby and it needs a good general wash you could put in the washing machine, although we don't recommend you do this regularly as over time this may weaken the water resistant liner. If you are going to put it in the machine then make sure it is on gentle cycle, cold wash and use a very mild detergent. Line dry - do not dry clean and do not put in a drier.

The NZ sun is really harsh so to avoid fading we recommend you pop your bag under the verandah in the shade when not using it.

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