Rectangle shaped bean bag for your dog

  • Rectangle shaped bean bag
  • Indoor/outdoor use - strong & durable so claws and paws won't damage it, plus water resistant so wet dogs don't worry it
  • Although water resistant we do recommend it is stored and kept out of rain
  • All bags come with liner so outer cover can be easily spot cleaned or washed
  • All bags come unfilled in black box with information slip on filling and care

SMALL: Dimensions 69cm x 91cm (outer edge measure) Actual filled area dog lies on     58.5cm x 68cm. Suitable for small to medium dogs to approximately 18kg weight

LARGE: Dimensions 97cm x 122cm (outer edge measure). Actual filled area dog lies on 85cm x113cm. Suitable for medium to large dogs approximately 18-35kg in weight

X-LARGE: Dimensions 117cm x 141cm (outer edge measure). Actual filled area dogs lies on 105cm x135cm. Suitable for large and very large dogs in excess of 35kg


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