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My dog is too big for your large size Pet Bean – do you have any bigger ones?

Can my cat use the Pet Bean small?

Indoor/Outdoor use

Are the Beanz indoor/outdoor bean bags water proof?

What if my Beanz bag is left outside by accident and gets really wet?

Filling Bean Bags

What if I don’t have a bath to fill my beanbag in?

Does the filler pack down over time?

Where can I get beanbag filler from?

What size bags does the filler come in?

What price is filler?

Do the Beanz bean bags come filled?

Caring for your Bean Bag

My Beanz bean bag has a mark on it – how can I clean it?

BBQ Covers

My BBQ Cover is slightly bigger than your 4/5 measurement of 170cm, is this too measurement?

My BBQ is 153cm wide will this still fit your 3/4 BBQ cover which says it fits 150cm?

Bean Bag Shape and Sizing

What age child does the Beanz Mini Bean suit?

What age is the Banana Bean bag for?

The zip doesn’t have a tab on it to pull the zip open – how do I open the bag?

What is the metal ring on the Big Bean for?

How can I use the Mega Bean?