Outdoor Furniture Materials

UV treated PE rattan

PE rattan withstands the outdoor elements outdoors, and it can handle humid or damp conditions, unlike natural rattan, which breaks down or becomes mildewed in wet environments.PE rattan is recyclable, unlike other synthetics, and it lasts longer than less expensive PVC rattan. PE rattan is designed to look like natural rattan, with some color variations throughout the material. 

Daybed Canopy

The canopy is made from olefin and is held up with an arm on each side which you release when you want the canopy down. When it is up it provides shade and in light rains will also provide shelter. After heavy rain if the canopy has been up you may need to brush off the water that is sitting in the top of the canopy cover.


The cushions are made from olefin which is UV treated and water resistant. The inner filling of the cushions is foam.

We do recommend that when you are not using the lounger over extended periods of time, and in the winter, you store the cushions away. The base is fine to leave out.

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